The "Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase" EXPOSED (2020 UPDATE)


The post "Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase" originally posted in Thunder's Place on 2009/11/10 has received explosive responses. As a person who's been in supplement business for over 10 years, I was curious and closely followed the post. Now, after more than 10 years since the post, I wanted to create an ultimate post about cum load increase.

This will be an ongoing project, so bookmark this page and visit often. I will constantly update this page so this is the only page you need to read about cum load increase. And I guarantee you, that no one will study about cum load increase more than this blog.

The Hard Truths

Before we begin, I want you to understand the two hard truths about cum load increase. You must swallow (get it?) these truths before you can those explosive cumshots:
    There isn't a such thing. Yes, since I've been in supplement business, I've came across many pills that claimed to give you that "explosive cumshot". And to be honest, I've sold (and still selling one of) those supplements, such as Semenax. Yes, it has some benefits, but it is definitely not the magic pill. And if you cannot accept the fact that there simply isn't the one pill you can take (or one thing you can do) to increase your cum load, this post isn't for you. And so is the explosive cumshot.

    Explosive cumshots involve a lot of things, a lot of things within your body. Think of your body as a cum producing machine. There are three things your machine must have to produce explosive cumshots:
    1. a lot of cum
    2. a pump (your prostate)
    3. a button (your desire to cum)
    I'm not a doctor, but these make sense (and work). So when you take a supplement, think about how it will affect one of those three things.

    If you understood the above two truths, let's get started. I personally do not like bullshits and jargon when it comes to cumshots.

    The Original "The Cum Holy Grail" Combination

    Since this post started with
    Ingredient Amount How to Take Daily Total
    1 L-Arginine 1000mg 1 time daily 1000mg
    2 Zinc 50mg 1 time daily 50mg
    3 Pygeum 100mg 2 times daily 200mg
    4 Lecithin 1200mg 1 time daily 1200mg

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