About This Blog

1. This Blog is for Men
I'm a man. And I care about my sexual health. In this blog I will share what I've researched and found out for my own sexual health. If you're a guy, relax, this is a safe space.

2. No Bullshits
I will only share with you what I will do myself. A Bro taking care of Bros. No bullshits.

2. Just Facts, No Pretty Images
I have a real job. Yes, I used to in supplement business in the past (and that's where I got the website address ManyVites.com). But now I work for a company that pays me 6-figure income. I don't have time to search for pretty images that will go well with my posts. I will just tell you the facts, but I promise you my posts will not be boring (because they're about YOU having real sex and huge cumshots, not just watching other dudes having them in porn).

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