Is BrainSense a Limitless Pill?

We’ve all seen Limitless. That was a movie, but it presents an interesting question. Is it possible for a pill to increase your intelligence, so you could do all sorts of cool stuff, like finish that novel and just kill it on the stock market? The answer is no – but there’s a ‘but’ with that.

That ‘but’ hinges on a new, natural cognitive booster, called BrainSense, which is formulated with nootropics like vitamin B12, blueberry extract, panax ginseng and phosphatidyl serine. It’s no NZT, but that’s a good thing. Let’s look at why.

What is BrainSense?

BrainSense is a natural cognitive booster. It’s natural, and formulated wth known nootropics that help the brain work more efficiently. BrainSense is designed to increase working memory, boost energy and increase the brain’s ability to pick up new skills.

If you’re a tech person, think of the RAM (random access memory) on your computer. RAM increases your computer’s work potential and ability to do multiple things at once. BrainSense does a similar function in that it’s designed to increase your working memory (short-term memory). But it’s also designed to increase your ability to learn as well.

BrainSense helps you focus, multi-task AND pick up new skills. That’s why it’s so popular with students and working professionals. In a Darwin-esque survival of the fittest environment, BrainSense gives people an edge because it helps them think better and get more done – and very often get that promotion or nail that project that means so much to their career or academic life.

Working Memory, NOT IQ

IQ is old-school. It’s an anachronism and poor measure of true intelligence because it only measures your knowledge of specific information. A test can say you’ve got a high IQ, but that’s all it is – a score on a test. There is far too much information in the digital age to be processed by such a narrow scope of the brain’s ability.

Here’s an example of what that means. Recently, researchers asked a child to answer this question: Define the word ‘Police’. The child’s response was ‘I don’t like the police, they took my Dad away’. Was he wrong? Nope. The child answered the question based on his understanding of who the cops were. He answered the question by looking at the big picture – and did not limit his response to a dictionary answer.

We’re living in an age of information that goes far beyond cultural definitions and the limitations of a specific scope of knowledge. We need to respond in kind, with an increase in our ability to process data and WORK with it in greater capacity. We have to adapt to knowledge in the digital age. Enter working memory, and your ability to analyze and manipulate. Working memory is your ability to get stuff done.

Better Than Limitless Because…

Limitless is limited. It’s based on a common (and ultimately, inaccurate) belief that IQ is the gateway to a better life. That’s just partly true – IQ is dead, but intelligence dictates how you’ll navigate through your world and hit your goals, be they career, financial or personal.

BrainSense boosts your working memory, so your brain is more efficient, works faster, multi-tasks, and concentrates on what needs to get done.

And the we-only-use-10-percent-of-the-brain is just a myth, by the way. Most of your brain is active at all times, and if the 10% myth held weight, brain injuries would not be so detrimental, which unfortunately, is not the case.

With all this said, you can indeed increase your working memory and your brain’s ability to process information. With better working memory your brain gets more efficient and, yes, you boost your smarts. Going by that, BrainSense may be the closest thing to a Limitless Pill you’re going to get. Buy BrainSense to get smart, and the better life that goes with higher intelligence.

Some Q&A About BrainSense

A lot of people are asking about BrainSense cognitive booster at the moment. These are some of the more common questions they’re asking and the answers to them. Don’t forget that you can also call the company that makes BrainSense directly, at 1-866-621-6886.

Live customer service agents are available 7 days a week and can be very helpful if you have further questions about this popular supplement.

What is BrainSense?

BrainSense is a natural cognitive booster. You can also call it a memory supplement or a nootropic – it’s designed to increase the brain’s capacity to think, focus, perform under fatigue and to get stuff done.

Is BrainSense a Limitless Pill?

Yes and no.

The pill in Limitless was a drug that (theoretically) boosted IQ because it made available the remaining 80% of the brain that was not being used by people who took it.

The 20/80 myth has been debunked repeatedly. Brainscans show that complex tasks require 100% of the brain’s resources.

And if we only used 20% of the brain, traumatic brain injuries would not have such drastic consequences.

There is some reason to be excited though. BrainSense is designed to boost working memory, which is linked to better cognitive skills, concentration and comprehension.

So no it’s not a Limitless Pill. But yes, you should definitely have better cognition and more focus!

What is Working Memory?

Working memory is your short-term memory. It’s different than long-term memory in that it’s your brain’s ability to recall short-term facts, like where you put your keys this morning or the name of someone you met just recently.

It’s not unlike RAM on a computer. Working memory helps you disect and analyze information so you can perform work on it accordingly.

How Will BrainSense Make Me More Intelligent?

BrainSense is designed to increase working memory, which is directly linked to cognitive skills and the ‘executive function’ of your brain. In other words, the better your working memory, the more efficient your brain will become – and yes, that means you’ll be more intelligent.

What’s in BrainSense?

BrainSense is made with natural nootropics and cognitive boosters like panax ginseng, omega-3 fatty acid (DHA), vitamin B12 and coenzyme Q10. Please visit the product website to learn more about the formula and how it works.

Is it Safe?

Without knowing your medical history, it’s impossible to say that BrainSense is completely safe. That goes for any supplement – which is why you should speak with your doctor before using the product if you’re concerned about interactions with medications or existing conditions.

Do your due diligence. That’s common sense.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you should also consider that BrainSense is a natural product and studies on the ingredients show it’s very well-tolerated. So do your homework, but if you don’t have health concerns that would prevent otherwise, you should be fine.

When Will I See Results?

You should begin to feel results with BrainSense in the first month, and hit your stride after about 90 days. You’ll need to keep using BrainSense to maintain your productivity and ability to think so effectively. The company has priced the product accordingly. The bigger your order, the more you’ll save.

Is it Guaranteed?

It’s a Leading Edge Health product. That means you’ve got 67 days to try BrainSense and return it for a complete refund minus shipping and handling. Very few people return the product, but it’s reassuring to know you’ll get your money back if you don’t like it.

Do You Offer Discounts?

You can buy BrainSense with a discount, yes. Opt for a package of at least three months. The biggest discounts are on the largest packages.

What If I Have Further Questions About BrainSense?

Call the company! They’re at 1-866-621-6886 and well-trained to address any questions or concerns you may have about this product that opens up new worlds of wonder and excitement.

BrainSense: Review

BrainSense: Five Stars

Ah the infamous smart pill. We’ve seen it in Limitless and those shady products pushing ‘NZT’. Too bad they’ve already failed the test of true intelligence – you’re not trying to boost IQ. Real smarts come from better working memory, yet few products know that’s the holy grail of a smarter brain.

Fortunately, one product knows that’s what it’s all about. The product is a winner too – wow – is it ever…

The Product: BrainSense is a natural cognitive booster. Yes, we’ve seen that before, but finally we have a brain pill that gets it right – it’s designed specifically to help boost working memory. There’s no pretense about that. With BrainSense you’re not blowing your money on some crappy product that says it’s going to make you into Eddie Morra.

Instead, you’re giving legs to your working memory, which is a better indication of high cognitive skills than that archaic and ultimately meaningless thing called IQ. In the Google age, you get ahead by working with and manipulating the constant barrage of information you face each day. Not by spewing some number that merely shows you know how to pass a test.


This leads into why BrainSense is the best natural brain pill available at the moment. By focusing on working memory, BrainSense offers:

  • Better Cognitive Skills
  • Sharp Memory
  • Greater Focus
  • More Productivity
  • Performance Under Pressure

As well, it’s a natural product, made with proven cognitive boosters. And the company behind it is Leading Edge Health, which means it’s high quality and comes with a 60 day guarantee.


Not too many with BrainSense, but let’s play the devil’s advocate for a moment and consider what it doesn’t work:

  • Still relatively new
  • Can be hard to get

BrainSense is popular – there’s no question about that. Reports coming in are that the company did not make enough of the product to meet that demand. Also, it’s a new-ish product. While the talk is generally quite good, let’s see if it can maintain these results long-term, and truly make people more productive for years down the road.

The Formula:

Like its competition, BrainSense is a natural product. But here’s where BrainSense shines – it’s formulated specifically to help clients increase working memory with proven natural nootropics. Look closer and you’ll find vitamin B12, blueberry extract, omega-3 fatty acids, panax ginseng and phosphatidyl serine among others.

Translation? Energy, focus, better memory, learning capacity and feelings of well-being. It’s the kind of product you can take to prepare mentally for a big exam or project at work. Students and busy professionals are catching on, and quickly snatching it up for that reason.


BrainSense is a Leading Edge Health product. You may know them for making libido supplements like VigRX Plus. They also make GenF20 Plus and launched the Skinception skin care line a few years ago. Now they’re putting their expertise of natural health behind BrainSense, and it’s clearly paying off.

The company has been around going on 20 years now, and offers live customer support 7 days a week. No recordings here – you’re getting quality with Leading Edge Health, and the reassurance of a proven name.


60 days (67 if you include a week for shipping), during which time you can try BrainSense and return for your money back minus shipping and handling if you’re not satisfied.


Lots of it. BrainSense is not the cheapest natural cognitive booster, but it’s arguably the best of the bunch, and offers nothing short of razor-like focus. You’ll be smarter too, because working memory is directly linked to better cognition. Add the increased productivity you’ll have at work or school and you should be paying triple what the price is at the moment.

Yes or No:

Um, that would be a huge YES. BrainSense is pure magic. It’s a natural boost to your memory, cognition, attention and alertness. You’ll increase working memory and enjoy the benefits of an exceptional natural supplement offered by an established company with a good reputation.

BrainSense is a Cognitive Booster

Let’s be honest here. You’d love a magic little smart pill. Think about it – you’d suddenly be more intelligent and could learn new languages and pick up more skills. You could amaze people with the crazy things you could do – and of course you could B-line it to Wall Street and make a killing on the stock market.

News flash: Limitless was just a movie. But there is a smart pill you can take to get more intelligent because it’s designed to increase working memory. The latter boosts cognitive skills, and is a good litmus test for general intelligence.

BrainSense: Made with Natural Nootropics

A nootropic is a cognitive enhancer. You can also call it a smart pill, memory enhancer or cognitive booster. Call it what you want, they’re all connected. It’s designed to increase the brain’s efficiency.

Students tend to use nootropics to study more efficiently and to do better come exam time. They’re popular among professionals too, because they increase productivity. Nootropics have a stimulating effect – they make people more alert and increase focus and ability to pick up new skills.

BrainSense is a natural nootropic formulated with ingredients like vitamin B12, acetyl-l-carnitine, phosphatidyl serine and panax ginseng. All of which are linked to evidence suggesting they’re poetry for working memory.

What That Means

BrainSense helps you think clearly. You can use it to boost performance at school, work, in your social circles or where ever you need to use your noggin. In other words, everywhere – BrainSense boosts working memory. And with that, comes:

More Productivity – Working memory is your brain’s ability to process and work with information. Boost working memory and you get more done.

Increased Learning Capacity – Evidence also links working memory to fluid intelligence. That’s your brain’s ability to pick up new skills.

Multi-Tasking – Like RAM on a computer, better working memory helps the brain juggle different tasks at the same time.

Concentration – Yet even though you’re multi-taking, you’re still able to tune out distractions. Better working memory helps you focus on what you’re doing.

Try BrainSense If…

You want to get more intelligent, more productive, get ahead and/or show off a little. Want to learn a new language? Try BrainSense. Got a big exam coming up? Try BrainSense. Feeling like it’s time to step up at work and maybe get that promotion you feel you deserve? Go for BrainSense. You’ll find it works wonders for:

School – The ingredients in BrainSense are linked to increased cognitive skills. And they may help you shine after an all-nighter too, because they’re shown to help performance when fatiqued.

Work – BrainSense is designed to increase productivity. Your brain will take fewer breaks (you know what we’re talking about!) and be more efficient when working on multiple projects. Your boss may like that too – and so will your paycheque.

Social Circles – Want to be the center of attention? You’ll love what happens with BrainSense. It’s designed to boost working memory and learning capacity with it. That means you’ll have faster facial recall (that person whose name you can’t remember!) and find the right words quicker. Your brain gets more efficient – and you look more intelligent than other people!